Our clients trust us to advise on their most important deals and disputes, and to provide day-to-day support. Here we delve into some of the most common issues faced by our clients, and explain how Level are uniquely positioned to help.

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Dispute Resolution

Our team has extensive experience in representing clients on all manner of dispute resolution in the media, entertainment, technology and sport sectors.

Disputes are a fact of life, but each one requires a bespoke approach and solution. Our lawyers recognise that our clients need clear, pragmatic advice from the outset. We combine clarity of thought, attention to detail and an unwavering approach with our specialist knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

Our aim is to ensure that we are always resolute in safeguarding our clients’ interests in all forms of dispute resolution, be it high court litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiation.

We appreciate that the cost and funding of disputes will always be key considerations for our clients and we work transparently and proactively to ensure that you can make considered, informed decisions at every stage. We also have substantial experience in obtaining third party litigation funding for clients.

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