We provide legal support and advice to broadcasters, producers and distributors of media content.

  • Channel carriage and distribution agreements
  • Production agreements (and related agreements with talent and suppliers)
  • Programming sales and marketing agency agreements
  • Disputes and litigation in the broadcasting industry
  • Copyright infringement / piracy of broadcasts and programming
  • Format rights – creation, protection, licensing and disputes
  • Broadcast regulation, including regulation of content, competitions, advertising, sponsorship and product placement

Digital & Social Media

We provide expert legal services to content rights owners, creators, developers, influencers and platforms in digital and social media.

  • Content licensing agreements on digital and social platforms
  • Terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies and acceptable use terms
  • Marketing campaigns in social media: advising on deals, issues and disputes
  • Data protection and privacy for companies and individuals
  • Reputation management and defamation
  • Development and licensing agreements for software, apps, websites and platforms
  • Notice and takedown actions for copyright infringement and other unlawful uses of content

Intellectual Property

We provide a full range of intellectual property services to our clients.

  • Trade mark registration and enforcement
  • Passing off actions
  • Image rights / rights of publicity: protection, enforcement and licensing
  • Copyright protection and enforcement
  • Domain name registration, transfers and recovery
  • Patent advice, protection and licensing
  • Database creation, protection and licensing

Data Protection

Data protection, privacy and cyber-security are key concerns for businesses operating in today’s digital world.

  • Compliance strategies and planning
  • Collection, processing and transfers of personal data
  • Investigations, breaches and complaints
  • Data protection disputes and subject access requests
  • Ownership and licensing of databases
  • Freedom of information requests and responses
  • Advice on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Content Distribution

Distribution of content lies at the heart of many of our clients’ businesses.

  • Content licence and distribution agreements
  • Rights sales and marketing agency agreements
  • Output deals and studio agreements
  • Distribution in digital and social media, OTT distribution
  • Invitations to tender for sale of media rights
  • In-flight and on-board licensing agreements
  • DVD, DTO/DTR and other fixed media licensing, production and distribution agreements

Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorship

Our lawyers provide in-depth legal advice in the fields of marketing, advertising and sponsorship.

  • Commercial, agency and sponsorship agreements
  • Regulation of sponsorship in sensitive brand categories
  • Virtual advertising: technology supply, production and regulation
  • Advertising content clearance and related disputes
  • Advertising regulation and compliance across different media
  • Complaints to regulators
  • AdTech agreements and related commercial legal advice

Reputation Management and Privacy

We protect the reputations of high profile personalities, organisations and companies.

  • Takedown of false and damaging allegations in digital and social media
  • Retractions and apologies for published false statements
  • Tackling threats to publish inaccurate and damaging information
  • Obtaining emergency injunctions and unmasking orders
  • Complaints to regulators, ISPs and publishers
  • Defamation proceedings
  • Taking action against infringements of rights to privacy, misappropriation of personal data and misuse of private information