We provide expert legal services to production companies, broadcasters, suppliers and talent from all areas of the television industry, both in the UK and internationally.

  • Development, production and co-production agreements
  • Format rights protection and exploitation
  • Distribution of channels and content across broadcast platforms, digital and social media
  • Broadcasting regulation, content clearance, compliance and licensing issues
  • Agency / representation agreements for talent, formats and programmes
  • Character merchandising and brand extension
  • Copyright advice, including fair dealing, anti-piracy and rights enforcement
  • UK and international tax credit arrangements
  • Commissioning agreements; Contributor agreements; Location agreements

Live Events

We advise promoters and companies involved in staging major live events in sport, culture, business and entertainment.

  • Venue hire agreements
  • Event management contracts and arrangements, including ticketing
  • Sponsorship, marketing partnership and endorsement agreements
  • Broadcast, streaming and digital media agreements, including production and distribution arrangements for event-related apps, content and programming
  • Presenter, talent and appearance agreements
  • Participation agreements and arrangements
  • Dispute resolution services, including brand protection and enforcement

Video Games

We provide legal and business advice to developers and publishers of video games across all formats and media, and to licensors of IP rights from the worlds of sport and entertainment. We also advise clients in relation to eSports (see below).

  • Video games production, development, publishing and distribution agreements
  • Platform, game-engine and software licensing agreements
  • Licensing agreements for brands, characters, names, images and other IP for video games
  • Regulation of advertising and marketing relating to video games
  • Betting and gambling laws and their application to video games
  • End user licence agreements, privacy policies and other terms and conditions
  • Dispute resolution services in video games and eSports


We provide expert advice to talent, representatives, record labels, distributors of content, songwriters, publishers, administrators, brands and influencers on all aspects of their business. Read more.


We advise investors, producers, distributors and talent (and their representatives) in the film industry.

  • Film finance arrangements
  • Development and production agreements
  • Talent agreements including actor, director and composer agreements
  • Supplier agreements, including studio and facilities deals
  • Distribution of film content across traditional and digital media
  • Regulation of film content / compliance
  • Film rights option agreements for literary and dramatic works, ‘life-stories’ of prominent athletes, entertainers and renowned individuals, teams and events
  • UK and international tax credit arrangements
  • Chain of title review

Celebrities, Presenters & Talent

We provide individuals from the worlds of sport and entertainment with a range of expert and confidential legal services.

  • Commercial negotiations and agreements for presenters, performers and talent
  • Sponsorship, brand ambassador and endorsement agreements
  • Merchandising, licensing and publishing agreements
  • Image rights structuring, protection and enforcement
  • Defamation, reputation management and privacy services
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Legal services for leading social influencers and YouTubers


We have the know-how and experience to advise clients in the fast-growing world of eSports.

  • event management agreements
  • regulatory and constitutional documents
  • advice for leagues and governing bodies
  • commercial agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • player and participation agreements and issues
  • eSports broadcasting / streaming and sponsorship agreements


We provide expert guidance and advice to dance companies and creatives at all levels of the industry.

Read more about our services for clients in the Dance industry here