Intellectual Property

Our expert IP lawyers provide tech companies with the advice they need to maximise the value of their innovations.

  • Advice on Copyright and database rights in software, code, databases, formats and GUIs
  • Trade mark and brand protection services
  • Anti-piracy services
  • Domain name registration/acquisition and recovery services
  • Protection of confidential information and trade secrets
  • Protection of formats, concepts and novel ideas
  • Patent protection for tech and software related innovation
  • IP strategies for start-up and established tech companies
  • Resolution of IP disputes


We advise on all types of commercial agreements, ventures, arrangements and opportunities with respect to Blockchain technology and Web3, and in relation to creating, developing, exploiting and protecting new intellectual property rights and revenue streams in these areas.

This includes:

  • Cryptographic Tokens (including NFTs, social tokens, artist tokens, fan tokens and club tokens)
  • Gaming platforms, Virtual Worlds and the use of Avatars, Genies and Skins
  • The application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology
  • Sponsorship, marketing and endorsement agreements for the promotion of Crypto brands


Many of the biggest commercial disputes in recent years are played out between competitors in the tech sector. We help our clients avoid such disputes, or if unavoidable achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • IP, breach of confidence and privacy disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Corporate / M&A for Tech companies

From ambitious start-ups to some of the UK’s most influential players, we advise tech companies on strategies and transactions for financing, growing or exiting their businesses.

  • Shareholders agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Acquisitions or disposals of companies / shares
  • Joint venture agreements
  • EIS / SEIS investments
  • Acquisition or sale of company assets
  • Group structures and planning

Social and Digital Media

We advise many clients on commercial transactions, and the law and regulation, involving social and digital media.

  • Content agreements
  • Developer agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • E-Commerce and payment services
  • Advice to influencers, vloggers and publishers, including advertising and endorsement agreements
  • Advice in relation to streaming of live events, betting and gaming, and sales promotions
  • Data protection and GDPR

Commercial Contracts

We are experienced in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts required by clients in the tech sector.

  • Software / app development agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • IT services agreements, outsourcing, cloud and IoT agreement
  • Agreements for R&D, joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Advice on transactions involving cutting edge technologies, including blockchain, 5G and machine learning
  • E-Commerce agreements
  • Click Wrap terms and conditions and End User Licences
  • Agreements for services and content-licensing involving video games, betting and gaming, live streaming, music and entertainment.

Tech Sector Regulation

We advise on the law and regulation of the tech sector, enabling our clients to drive their businesses forward whilst avoiding regulatory pitfalls.

  • Privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance
  • Content regulation and clearance
  • Responses to complaints and investigations from regulators
  • Compliance with UK and EU regulation

Data Protection and Privacy

In an age of increasing public concern and regulatory intervention, our expert lawyers regularly advise our clients on best practice, regulation and disputes in relation to data protection and privacy.

  • Data security and privacy
  • GDPR compliance
  • Cross border data transfers
  • Data subject access requests
  • Privacy policies, toolkits and terms and conditions for data controllers and processors

Online Betting and Gaming

Our team advises on betting and gaming, lotteries, prize competitions and sales promotions, involving land-based and remote operators.

  • Advertising and sponsorship agreements for bookmakers
  • Fast path data licensing
  • Streaming of live events to bookmakers websites and apps
  • Advice on advertising betting and gaming services
  • Regulation of betting and gaming services