Our clients trust us to advise on their most important deals and disputes, and to provide day-to-day support. Here we delve into some of the most common issues faced by our clients, and explain how Level are uniquely positioned to help.

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Reputation Management

In today’s fast paced digital media environment, hard won reputations can be easily damaged. Our team provides a 24-7 service and can advise you on all aspects of the law and practice of protecting your reputation including:

  • defamation cases in the High Court including emergency injunctions to prevent publication of damaging materials in traditional and digital/social media
  • privacy and data protection laws as a shield against reputational damage, including GDPR and ‘right to be forgotten’ applications
  • breach of confidence actions
  • takedown applications to remove damaging content from digital and social media services
  • securing corrections, apologies and damages post-publication
  • pre-publication clearance of content
  • handling complaints to Independent Press Standards Organisation regarding breaches of the Editors’ Code of Practice
  • handling of pre-litigation cease & desist correspondence and negotiation of dispute settlement agreements

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