Irving David: My 6 Months at Level

December 06, 2021

An innovative firm

Irving says, "Having spent six months now at Level, I am better able to assess the benefits of working within this highly motivated environment. Much has been written about conventional “virtual law firms” and the platforms they provide for fee earners and their clients. I now see what distinguishes Level is that it is a genuine law firm for the mid-21st Century, with offices in Covent Garden, London, combining a traditional collegiate approach (without the politics) and state of the art technology."

Working wherever, and whenever, suits

"This strategy enables our practitioners to enjoy a positive work life balance and encourages them to work “wherever and whenever” it suits them. Level also provides strong mentoring and pastoral support for our more junior qualified colleagues and, starting in 2022, we will be offering a professional training contract. For me, being able to enjoy a humming office environment in Central London alongside deciding when I want to work from my home in Stratford-upon-Avon has been a real game changer."

Level's recognition

"It seems to me that these elements in our DNA are virtually unknown in other, so aptly-called, 'virtual law firms'. No surprise then that, in just four years, we have been voted by our peers to be one of the Times Best 200 Law Firms of 2022."