The clear and unequivocal advice from Level throughout the contract negotiations made the decision-making process so much easier.

Head of House Designs

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Level have changed up the way that Law firms work and are run. They are truly a law firm for the 21st century as attested to by several clients. With strong growth and great representation within the business from women also this is a well-balanced team with a strong culture.

Business Culture Awards

“A hugely talented, hardworking lawyer with real business understanding”

Legal 500

“One of the best lawyers in the sports field.”

Legal 500

“A relatively rare breed in that he has both high-level commercial expertise and high-level legal expertise”

Chambers & Partners

Technically excellent; fantastic experience but also very approachable and pragmatic.

Chambers & Partners

'I had such a great time meeting everyone and gaining an insight into the interesting work done at Level!'

Alexa Feather

'Huge thank you to the team for giving me the opportunity to see how the firm operates. It was really interesting to learn more about law in the media and entertainment sector - especially sport, as I had very little knowledge prior to my internship.'

Alice J

'Participating in the Level Summer Internship last week at their Covent Garden office was truly a rewarding experience.'

Ben Shaw

'The feedback and conversations I had with various members of the level team were especially insightful. I am extremely thankful to everyone at Level for this opportunity and for everything I have learned about sports and media law throughout the week.'

Ben Shaw

'It has been an amazing week to be able to experience the supportive culture of the firm and to further learn about the various types of work that the firm specialises in. I am extremely grateful for the feedback and support various members of the team have provided me and will be a great motivating factor going forward in my legal career.'

George Huh

Neil McNab – careful, considerate, thorough, realistic and tough.

Legal 500

Alastair Shaw is very hands on which clients like. He is an experienced fraud lawyer and is commercial so doesn’t take bad points and focuses on the key battlegrounds. He has acted in a number of very high profile cases with difficult clients and adeptly taken on the bigger players.

Legal 500

Alastair Shaw is very experienced in defending civil fraud claims

Legal 500
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