"He's the most commercially astute lawyer in the sports law sector, with a deep understanding of media rights."

Chambers UK

“I could feel every bit of your support even at the furthest point from land and it meant the world.”

I now see what distinguishes Level is that it is a genuine law firm for the mid-21st Century, with offices in Covent Garden, London, combining a traditional collegiate approach (without the politics) and state of the art technology.

“…it's fair to say I've never worked somewhere so progressive about celebrating each member of their team’s achievements before.”

“I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great work environment”

My family is special to me and I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my relationships with them for my career, and frankly didn’t see that it was necessary to do so if I could find a more “me-shaped” solution. It all comes down to what your version of success looks like. Yes, it means juggling things but that’s my choice and, with proper flexible working, it means you don’t have to choose between family and career – you can have both successfully.

Halina Wielogorska

Technically excellent; fantastic experience but also very approachable and pragmatic. [...] A relatively rare breed in that she has both high-level commercial expertise and high-level legal expertise.


I wanted to be on my own but I also wanted to feel part of something, to decide my own rates, when, where and how I work – but also still to be part of a team doing great work with great clients.

Rowena Samarasinhe
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