Elaine Gilchrist

Elaine is an advisory and litigation lawyer whose expertise lies in the protection of reputation, information and rights in the media and online. Elaine advises individuals, companies and organisations in relation to defamation, malicious falsehood, privacy, breach of confidence, data protection, contempt of court and harassment.

Elaine has an extensive practice in relation to the online infringement of rights, including the unauthorised publication of private and confidential information, cyberlibel, intellectual property infringement, passing off and domain name recovery.

Elaine has represented a broad range of clients in the media and entertainment field, including newspapers, media companies, film studios, broadcasters, production companies, publishing houses and magazines. She has also been instructed by numerous prominent companies in the financial services, telecommunications, retail, and travel industries. Elaine has been involved in several high profile, ground breaking cases and worked with household names including authors, actors and musicians.

Elaine has considerable expertise, working in house and in private practice, advising editors, journalists, photographers and in house counsel. She is skilled in providing pre and post publication advice to both claimants and defendants. Elaine is an experienced practitioner in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation seasoned in finding the right solution for her client.